Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hospitality and Chai

Today I am getting ready to come home.
At times I wished this moment to come sooner, now I don't know why I ever felt this way (Well maybe because life is much more convenient in America)
Time won't stop even though I want it too.
It's a strange thing.

This week was full though. After being sick in bed for three days last week, I am so thankful for this.
I was able to share with the women in sewing class and say my goodbyes. They are so special to me.

My favorite part of being here has to be house visits.
I have learned so much about generosity and hospitality through these people.
I love that if they ask you if they can make you chai and you say no, they make it anyway.
I love that if your plate is empty, they will fill it and fill it and fill it again.
They give and they give.

Today I gave the new afternoon stitching class mirrors like I had with the other classes. They found I was leaving tomorrow and insisted on running to get me presents also.
They came back and before I knew I was decked out in new earrings, necklace, bangles, anklets, and a wallet despite my insistence that this was not necessary.
Man, I can't contain how blessed this made me.
I am so selfish sometimes.
I want to become less selfish.
Although, I don't think this can be done by simply having the desire to do so.
I think it comes naturally by truly having the other's best interest in mind. Seems as though this is the point that one named Jesus told us a long time ago.
Here life is about community, it is about the family.
Even though many times there is tension in the home, they look out for one another.

Two of my beautiful friends hunting down with gifts and inviting us to their home
 as I was on my way to leave.

Today we went to one lady's house from class. She is so so loud and crazy, unlike many of the other ladies. She is hilarious. We met her mother who has diabetes and we prayed for her. After praying for her, she was saying good bye to me and tears had filled her eyes as she found out I was going to America tomorrow.
She had been blessed. I also started crying, which caused all five of us girls to tear up.
I cried with a lady I had just met on my last day in India.
(Her and her mother in the middle)

It is hard to leave when some harvest is seen, but mostly seeds are planted.
I leave trusting the Lord to water them. This is a very humbling feeling.
He tells me my work is done here for now, but this will never be separate from my life back at home.
It is another part of my life and has shaped me in the way He has desired.
My fear would be feeling so so far away from these people. I refuse to forget my new friends.

I shared the story of Hosea with the women today and God's love for his people. It touched my heart just to tell it, because I really need to believe it too. It's so challenging to apply to my own heart.
I told them my purpose was to come to share this with them, just as that was Hosea's purpose.
We turn away from God so many times, but he is always patiently waiting for us to return to Him because this is what we were made for.
I'm so thankful for those who have shared their hearts with me and for all I see happening here.

I am at peace, but I come home with the desire for more.
I longed to see God work here, and I have.
Good thing is just because I am leaving doesn't mean the work is over.
All in all, through this trip I know that coming back the Lord has more of my heart.
I have learned so much about
  relying on Him, about Grace, Generosity, Hope, and Love.

My friend...always cooking for us :)
Before starting the stitching class, she was not often able to leave the house. 
Now she comes everyday with a smile from ear to ear, often with yummy food. 

This beautiful girl lives in the slum, but works at one of the preschools.
She is so funny in her broken English.
Her family is Muslim, but she is discipled by those who work at the preschool.
I will miss her smile and dance moves!

Ah leaving this lady was so hard!
She owned a shop by the beach and would visit her often.
She even had all 18 of us to her home for a meal one day.
She shared her life with us and we grew to love her very much.
Kate would go and share bible stories with her because she can not read or write.
She wants to know the Lord, but it is difficult with her husband. 
I know this is the desire of her heart though, and pray that the Lord will continue to get ahold of it.

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  1. Sad that you time there is over Bre but in some ways it's just the beginning. Remember in 07 our first trip to Burkina and look now. God has a great plan and we are privileged to be allowed to do what we do. I can't wait to hear stories about what God did in your heart while you were there. See you soon.