Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Teacha, Teacha!"

Things I love about India:

-Hogs for neighbors
-The head bobble
-Bucket Laundry
-Bus rides and traffic
-The way the people look out for one another
-Though the attention is sort of embarrassing at times, all the kids run after us yelling, "Teacha! Teacha!"

Today is Thursday, fourth full day here.
Sunday, I don’t even count because it was all a blur
of tiredness after two days of basically no sleep in getting here. Everything went smoothly though as far as flights and airports!

Our time here has been filled with more encouragement than I can describe.

I will give a short summary of each day.


Children’s nutrition- We went to the slum where this takes place in a medical clinic. A bible lesson is taught and all the children receive a full glass of a protein drink. This takes place a few days a week. There is  a preschool in this area, but most of these children do not go to school. Yes, they are as cute as you would imagine :) They wrote their names in Hindi and English all over our arms. Maybe someone should get them some paper huh...

Women’s Nutrition program- The lady who usually does this is not here, so we were to take charge. I taught some lesson about food which I have no idea how much they cared about ha. But they did ask how they could become either more fat or more skinny, haha. They also receive a protein drink. 


Morning and afternoon sewing with the women- We asked them why they like to come to sewing classes. One answer was because when they come here, they do not feel the tension they usually feel in their life.
We were then asked to share about our lives and our families. They also asked if were were glad to be in India. This was so awesome to be able to share some ways  in which God has led our paths, worked in our lives, and that we are very excited to be there because we want to hear about their lives too.


Women’s classes again. They are making jewelry to sell in the store back at home. I really enjoy making the necklaces with them. Vicki, who is the founder of the ministry, encourages them to do their best, because this builds their confidence and people will buy items if they are high quality. Many of them have never found value in themselves and it is a beautiful thing to share with them that they were created in God’s image and are made for a purpose.
I will continue helping with the jewelry classes in the coming weeks. 

I am also so encouraged by meeting other believers here and by their openness to share their stories. We all have stories of the things that have come together to bring us to the present in our lives, but we often to do not open up to share with others these things.  

Though I am often tired and getting use to the heat, I am overjoyed to be here. I feel content, and I believe I was not mistaken in thinking I was perfectly led here by the Lord. (We'll see if that feeling maintains after the rains come).

We are here to help with whatever needs come about that align with the vision of the ministry. No matter how much difference is made in my time here, I am learning so much about relevant things in regards to my life’s dreams and how everything here works. 

I won’t always make the blogs this long, but that at least gives an idea of the basic day-to-day events.

My encouragement to you today- Is there a step God is asking you today which you are ignoring? Don't ignore the thing he has asked you to do. If you do it, it will lead you to the next right stepping stone, and you won’t be disappointed.
Wait and be patient, don't forget to trust in His plan.

Peace and Love!

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  1. So good to read the update and see your world there. Soak it up and watch God work. I'm excited to see where He takes you. Susan<><

  2. love ya rooms! keep em coming :) ps the pics are great too!

  3. Thanks for the update Bre. Good to see God at work in you. Soak it all in and let God shine thru you.

    Oh I forgot about the crazy horns on the big trucks.